Bye 2018.

I haven’t uploaded in a hot minute and I know you’ve all been waiting for me to release something and I would be and hopefully, soon. I’m taking my time to study, read and to be inclusive when I approach my writing. I have learned a lot about myself, people and the environment this year and I still have so much to learn.

I want to say thank you to my paper family and supporters who support me and constantly read me. For every time you hop on my blog to search for a new post, for every time you share a link to my work, for every time you comment, like and engage. Thank you. You’re beautiful, amazing and I love you.

The new year is power, to be powerful and to be gracious.

I won’t be having a new year new me phase but what I definitely want is a new year new content, better approach during conversations, expanding my feminism, reading more books, watching great films and movies, accomplishing the best things I deserve, interacting with different people and reaching out. I want to talk about anything and everything especially the things that affect and don’t affect me, you and all of us.

I hope you stay for my journey and support me all the way like you always have.

If I am magical enough to have come so far, I am magical enough to go all the way ~Vincent Desmond

Thank you Paper Family.


Image; Tumblr.


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