Hell Hath No Fury

We are very close to death. All women are. And we are very close to rape and we are very close to beating. And we are inside a system of humiliation from which there is no escape for us. We use statistics not to try to quantify the injuries, but to convince the world that those injuries even exist. ~Andrea Dworkin

The last time we conversed about rape on this blog was when I made a post concerning Larry Charles dangerous world of comedy on Netflix and in that post I addressed how rape and violence against women has been and still is being commercialised. Anyways, after being away for so long and witness a lot of bullshit live and across the internet, I would like to come out of hiding.

There has been a viral video across the Nigerian internet concerning Busola Dakolo and an encounter she had with pastor Fatoyinbo Biodun from the COZA church and in this video, she speaks lengthily about how he abused and raped her when she was 17 years old, the video was released to the world late in June and ever since then more conversations concerning the pastor and other women he has abused keeps coming up. Pastor Fatoyinbo Biodun is a highly respected pastor and influential man in Nigeria so of course, there would be a lot of victim blaming and made up stories concerning Busola Dakolo. Busola Dakolo isn’t the first woman to come forward and speak about pastor Fatoyinbo Biodun being an abuser or exploiter, we also have a Ese Walters who came forward in 2013 to speak about her experience with him and what she described her relationship as was the one where pastor Fatoyinbo Biodun used his power to influence her decision and when the ‘relationship’ crumbled, she became fearful for her life and wellbeing and after she came forward to tell the people what had happened to her, she wasn’t believed instead she was constantly threatened, intimidated and called all the derogatory names in the book. Apart from these two women, multiple women have also come forward to share their stories about the COZA pastor Fatoyinbo Biodun.

On the 30th of June there was a #ChurchToo, #PastorStepDown #COZApastor protest going on in the COZA church in Lagos and in Abuja with tens of women and men holding posters, pictures of Busola Dakola, signs that read ‘I stand with Ese Walters’ and holding megaphones demanding justice.

During the peaceful protest, the police almost turned it into a violent scene just so they can have an excuse to be violent towards the protesters, we also had some workers from the COZA church promised a bunch of hooligans N10,000 each to defend the pastor and hold signs that said ‘pastor Fatoyinbo is anointed’, they were also given food so they could disrupt the peaceful protesters and after the promise was made a protester kept repeating ‘money is talking.’

Money is talking only means one thing which is, as far as you are rich, you do not deserve to be held to the same standards as the poor and as far as you are rich, justice would always escape you. Money is talking means do whatever you want to do because the idea of being punished for your sins as far as you have money is an imagination, Money is talking means there is power in wealth and this statement describes Nigeria as a whole and how this privilege has been extended to a number of wealthy people, majority of them being men.

The events of the protest were mostly recorded than photographed.

While the protest was going on outside of the church, we had the wife of pastor Fatoyinbo Biodun, Modele, come on the alter once again to give a mini shady sermon about her husband and his innocence just as she did in 2013. In her own words, ‘my husband would never rape anyone even as an unbeliever.’ Some of you might judge her worse than her husband simply because she’s a woman and I definitely disagree with that. Modele Fatoyinbo doesn’t deserve harsher scrutiny simply because of her sex, being a woman doesn’t magically mean she isn’t capable of being an accomplice to her husband rapey behaviours and I need for you all to extend the judgment that you’re giving her to her husband, the rapist.

I feel like when we’re discussing the COZA church’s loyalty to pastor Fatoyinbo Biodun and expressing our distaste for the situation, the way it deserves to be expressed should be;

  • Pastor Fatoyinbo Biodun rapes women.
  • Pastor Fatoyinbo Biodun rapes underaged women.
  • Pastor Fatoyinbo Biodun rapes the women in his church.
  • Pastor Fatoyinbo Biodun uses the power and position he has in the church to rape his female members.
  • Pastor Fatoyinbo Biodun has raped multiple women.
  • The congregation enables pastor Fatoyinbo Biodun to rape women because of their allegiance to him and his choir.
  • Pastor Fatoyinbo Biodun is a rapist and a sexual predator.

When we explain the crime pastor Fatoyinbo committed, it is important for us to explain the situation thoroughly and describe him as what he is. You are not allowed to dumb down the situation by using sentences like;

  • Pastor Fatoyinbo Biodun is an alleged rapist.
  • Pastor Fatoyinbo Biodun is an anointed man.
  • I can’t boycott the COZA church because of their lit choir.
  • Pastor Fatoyinbo Biodun can’t rape because he’s a pastor.
  • I’ll forever stand with pastor Fatoyinbo Biodun no matter what the situation is.

Everything I highlighted shows unashamed support from victim-blamers and rape apologists. I can’t tell you how to express yourself but what I’m very certain about is that you’re a rape apologist or even a rapist. These sentences scream nothing but support and frankly, shows the standard male pastors are held to simply because they throw around the blood of Jesus in all their sermons. Your favourite pastor is a rapist and the earlier you come to accept that, the earlier you can persecute him the way the bible demands.


Thanks for reading!

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