Jubilee: Middle Ground


From the title of this article, I think you already have an idea on what I would be talking about and if you have no idea whatsoever about the title then keep reading.

Jubilee is a YouTube channel ran by young entrepreneurs whose content revolves around being good humans, finding middle ground, challenging stereotypes, giving a voice to the voiceless and in general, tries to show us the world past our biases and views. I have no hate for jubilee and this isn’t a post to congratulate nor bash them on their content but to simply drop my opinions and share the points I have concerning their newest middle ground video on feminism and men’s rights activism.

I didn’t enjoy this episode. What I do have are points, body posture and everything that I observed in this jubilee video.

… and the award for donkey of the day goes to …

you guessed right, this guy right here.

The first time I saw Derrick was on another jubilee episode concerning how incels think and the first thought that went straight to my mind was “are they really giving platforms to just anybody?” because what the fuck.

Everything Derrick had to say totally made no sense but I did not expect much from men who identify as men’s rights activists to have sensible things to say.

The first question asked during the introduction by jubilee was; when you hear the word feminism what goes into your minds?

Derrick: Marxism.

Zach: I think it’s unfortunately misguided.

Kursat: Feminism is a flawed movement.

The first thing our donkey of the day did when the general question concerning men and women being different but equal was posed was, to talk about the physical differences of men to women as well as the neurological differences whilst comparing women to children who are in need of caretakers. Zach, another men’s rights activist also went further to speak on the need of women and men to come together for offspring because women are more suited for being nurturing and men are good for heavy-lifting, my question here is, how many times does a man who does not work in construction and heavy-lifting is subjected to heavy-lifting in their everyday life ? because this comparison between the ability to be nurturing and the ability to carry bags of rice is as old as the racism in America.

Jubilee also asked the cast members if they believed Toxic masculinity was real which un-surprisingly, none of the men came forward to agree but Zach asked ‘what toxic masculinity is?’, as a 24 years old man who has access to the internet, lives in America and is very much aware of the presence of women’s rights activism across the Internet and the discussion surrounding masculinity, I think that was a very embarrassing question to ask and a piece of information that was more embarrassing not to know. I think when men ask what toxic masculinity is, giving the answer “the suppression of emotion” isn’t enough because that isn’t necessarily the right answer. Men are not taught to suppress emotion because they do respond to anger especially with physical confrontation, temper tantrums and hateful speech. The ‘proper’ way boys are just taught to express themselves is with the need to exert control, dominance and to instil fear. A testosterone match.

“You don’t need to cry about everything.”

I most certainly agree with the statement above but not crying over everything shouldn’t be synonymous to boyhood but should be a point you make when addressing people and our need to pull through without having to cry about every situation we find ourselves in.

Jubilee: Do women have more advantages over men in this present society?

You must be on coke if you said yes.

Derrick said women having access to romantic relationships is an advantage they have over men which is absolutely ridiculous. Having a man think he can fuck me isn’t a privilege nor is it an access to a better life. If only more men didn’t have the thought of fucking every woman they came across then a lot of women won’t be murdered by random men who were refused a phone number. If anything, men finding women desirable and fearful of rejection puts women’s lives in danger.

Speaking as an African girl living in America whose country is still a developing country, I find it shameful that a country like mine and the deVEloPed United States would be sharing the same policies concerning the lack of women’s rights, really goes to show that the infringement on women’s rights, patriarchy and lack of women’s safe spaces is a global problem.

Zach & Kursat : There is a bias in the marriage and court system which favours women over men.

Right, and why do we have policies like this? “because they all go back to posing women as the weaker sex as well as placing the responsibility of childcare and nurture solely on women.” The argument of women winning child custody over men simply because they are women still stands but there are steps the court takes when dealing with child custody and who the better parent is. The first question is always who the primary caregiver of the child is and no, this doesn’t mean whether or not daddy puts money on the table for play stations and legos but the question asks which parent has been responsible for meeting most of the child’s daily needs, such as feeding, bathing, playing, waking and putting to bed, making doctor appointments, arranging for child care because it’s so easy for men to use child custody as their talking point to dismiss inequality and the need for feminism whilst neglecting that women often work full-time jobs and are still held responsible for picking and dropping the children off at school, making breakfasts and dinners, scheduling doctor’s appointment, remembering the children’s ages, birthdays and overall, being present in their day to day lives compared to dad whose only job is to bring in some money and change the burnt bulb once in a while.

The second question asked is what is the relationship of the child between between both parents? If you don’t know something as simple as your child’s birthday, favourite colour and what class they’re in, why would you think the judges would grant you custody of the child? Mothers often take days off of work and the roles of stay at home mums even when they hate it just so they can be present in the lives of their children at any given moment, mothers are more likely to give up their dreams and means of livelihood for their children even when they earn more than their husbands but how many men can quietly take 3 days off work to spend time with their sick child ? Don’t be surprised that the child is more receptive to its mum rather than its father.

Why are women given lighter sentences?

“More than 56 percent of the women in federal prison are there for drug offenses, compared with about 47 percent of men. Research on incarcerated women shows that abusive relationships can put them on the wrong side of the law. Most women who assault their intimate partners have also been victimized by those partners, and they often cite self-defense as a motive. Researchers have also turned up many cases of incarcerated women who reported being forced into committing a crime by threats of violence.”

(You can read more on here: Women Aren’t Always Sentenced By The Book. And Maybe They Shouldn’t Be.)

Zach: Emotional testimony creates bias.

I really like this quote because it sum up the male #logicalgender in total. Emotional testimony cannot create bias in the feminist movement because it doesn’t exist. The only emotional events women have to deal with and that we all share is our fear concerning men and our safety. If the women in Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Dubai, Chile, Ecuador, Japan, and The United Kingdom can feel the same amount of fear as I do, have the same stories to tell as myself and can testify on femicide/war on women as I can then the issues that affect our lives aren’t just emotional testimonies nor personal problems but world problems that need to be paid attention to.

Kursat: Are there any feminist organisations that have done anything to challenge bias against men ?

I think he’d mean a female men’s rights activist because no feminist is out here wasting their time advocating for the lives of men who have been handed male privilege for so long that they are oblivious to the lives of women and how disadvantaged they are unless the feminist is a bird. It is one thing for women to advocate for the need to take male sexual harassment and suicide seriously, as well as actively having the discussions but it’s a completely different thing to try and put the responsibility for advocating for men on the shoulders of women who are constantly neglected, overlooked and disadvantaged by men.

“The people you oppress are not the blocks to help dismantle the obstacles you carefully positioned in your life.”

If men’s rights activism was about making the life of men better then its talking points wouldn’t come up as a reaction to feminism nor would it’s whole existence surround the ‘fallacy of feminism.’

One of the women on the panel, Aleysha shared her four personal stories of hers concerning being sexually harassed and insulted by men, after sharing her stories she decided to ask the men how they felt and if they had any empathy concerning the stories, Derrick basically said those things happened to her because humans are bad people blah blah.. but the quote of the day went to Kursat;

I can feel empathy for your personal experience but not for your political stance because that stance is built on an ideological fallacy. ~Kursat

This struck a nerve and maybe, Kursat was the true donkey of the day.

What is my conclusion on all this?

Zach seems like the guy who would gaslight you if you do not articulate yourself well and is definitely a ‘nice guy.’ I’m not going to use his age as a factor to determine his growth because the women in his age group don’t have the privilege of being wilfully ignorant.

Kusrat obviously has a deep animosity towards feminism because it doesn’t position him as the center of the universe like this world already does so he creates imaginary biases for men like himself on being just as disadvantaged as women and rather than see these disadvantages as a product of patriarchal living, he boils it down to human behaviour and women’s faults. He said to one of the women on the panel that he wasn’t going to repeat “feminist talking points” to other men and I couldn’t help but feel annoyed, this man like many other men have had their heads shoved up their asses for so long that they believe world issues that affect women are nothing but numbers and made up feminist lingo.

Then there’s Derrick. I believe that most of Derrick’s politics resides in the fact that no woman has found him attractive enough to want to develop a romantic or sexual relationship with which I think is a lie. He’s just probably looking for a sex doll of a woman but not solely sexually but a woman who is also there to pick up after him, a woman who allows him to wallow in his mediocrity and not complain about the disappointment of a man that he is, he’s not looking for a partner, an equal, he’s looking for a human being who can help him feel secure in his manhood. Derrick definitely reminds me of the crusty men who feel entitled to women’s time and believes that they have to give it to them simply because they’re men as if it’s immoral for women to have standards and dignity. I certainly don’t believe Derrick isn’t getting women who find him attractive (when he closes his mouth) but I believe he’s trying to reach for women who are way above his league, it’s the story of the nerd and the cheerleader. The nerd spends all his time in high school aiming for higher, wishing to date the girls the jocks have on their arms, they wish, they pray and they try and when they graduate, they claim to have never found love, bullied for being different whilst neglecting the fact that they never gave their attention to the girls who liked them and had more in common with, water and oil doesn’t blend well. He claims that he believes some aspect of the female is superior to the male but I’m 50% sure this superiority revolves around cooking skills while the other 50% has everything to do with childbirth and parenting.

Incel, involuntarily celibate.

The only thing this group of people continue to prove is that their anger and hatred directed at women is guided by their libido, inability to get pussy and the entitlement to pussy.

The first time I watched the video, I definitely felt the women who came on the panel besides Aleysha didn’t do enough justice on the topic and answering the questions and after rewatching the video, I still felt the same way but this time around I decided not to judge them as harshly as I did he first tine because we’re all learning, they still had good points and not everyone is going to be a feminist scholar or even read feminist theory (which I think is important), it is important that you know you aren’t delusional and that the problems you face presently with men, gender roles and all that burden existed before you were created.

Jubilee needs to stop giving their platform to just anyone and not because it makes other people uncomfortable but there’s a reason why groups like the incels are shunned and their ‘problems’ are ignored. News flash, nobody cares about a group of men who refuse to work on themselves both mentally and physically but love to complain about their lack of proximity to pussy. And even if the rest of the world did feel a need to address their lack of physical touch and emotional intimacy between the opposite sex, these men don’t really deserve it. The groups aren’t made by men to discuss their sadness and ways to improve themselves, it focuses more on trickery, contempt for women and everything diabolical to ruin the lives of women.

Every human craves intimacy and wants a person in their life who understands them without passing harsh judgement and I understand that but men who feel women are inferior, weak and compares women to children is not deserving of any affection from women. I don’t feel sorry for them and I never will. Never have I ever heard of female groups that exist solely for fucking men and lack thereof…

“There isn’t always a need to agree to disagree, let people know you do not agree and keep it pushing.” ~To the liberals

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Feminism and men’s rights activism

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