We should all be Angry!

If you’re going to be trash, own it with your chest. There’s nothing worse than surrounding yourself with groups of people who constantly feel like they need to make a joke out of everything without addressing the issue. A joke isn’t always just a joke. A joke can be used to clear discomfort and reduce […]

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MenAreTrash. When a woman gets sexually assaulted, the first thing that goes into the minds of the people is what was she wearing?, when we have information on the type of clothing she had on we can determine if she asked for it. We proceed to wait for information about the time period she was […]

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As AWoman

I refuse to dim the light that radiates from within me. I refuse to knock down other women to gain men’s attention. I will try to help fix other women’s crowns when it has fallen off because empowered women empower women. I refuse to be a slave to my gender by fighting for women who […]

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My Clothes Caused It

The first question that goes to mind for a large number of people when being informed about rape is “what was she wearing?”, dismissing and hardly critiquing the criminal rather the blame and shame game is forwarded to the victim. Rapists don’t rape because of the choice of clothing and it is important for individuals […]

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