Toxic Masculinity

Toxic masculinity. I have been thinking about writing this piece for a while and I wondered whether or not if I was doing the right thing in a wrong way or just doing the right thing my way. One thing I’ve discover is that the battle of manhood is dependent on how violent a man […]

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Whew… Chile PurityKulture

We all know just how much of a lie sexual purity is and for those who don’t know, sexual purity is a lie created for women to hop on. There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to have sexual intimacy until you find the right one and you believe you’re going to spend your lives with […]

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Do you know what concerns me the most about people who try to defend what they think is the right thing is that they end up doing it the wrong way and very much embarrassing themselves in my space. I often generalize, I mentally refer to myself as the queen of generalization lol, and of […]

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As AWoman

I refuse to dim the light that radiates from within me. I refuse to knock down other women to gain men’s attention. I will try to help fix other women’s crowns when it has fallen off because empowered women empower women. I refuse to be a slave to my gender by fighting for women who […]

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Yes, they’re breasts

The month of October is the month for breast cancer awareness and the 13th of October was the international NoBraDay. I’m on almost 60 group chats on WhatsApp this means my phone is always buzzing and I’m exposed to different kinds of people from different parts of the world. Yesterday, at least 22 group chats […]

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For those who follow TheFeministPaper ‘s Instagram, you’d know I made a post on how Khloe Kardashian said she didn’t see colour and how the same theory applied to her family members. As much as it seems nice to talk about Khloe’s careless comment I won’t because she isn’t the only white woman who’s in […]

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There’s a big problem with people differentiating between a mistake and a choice but I guess it’s a “mistake” when it suits you best or protects whoever it is you love. We have fathers who walk out on their kids and come back to leech on them for materialistic things, organs and “forgiveness”. When a […]

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